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2021 Modern House Kitchen Trends For Your Condo

Going for a revamp? Check out these house kitchen trends to level up your food prep experience at your condo.

modern house condo kitchen trend this 2021 - malayan condo insurance philippines

Being quarantined for a long time could really wear you down. And if you are living in a small condo, space could be suffocating. Unfortunate events could also be overlooked when you are just trying to get comfortable. To cover some of these worries, many get condo insurance in the Philippines beforehand.

Now more than ever, it is crucial to have the best health to power through these challenges. Many start by eating healthier at home. But, what if your condo is not equipped for this? Take a look at these house kitchen trends for inspiration:

modern house condo kitchen trend this 2021 - malayan condo insurance philippines

Compact But Sleek Design

Incorporate more storage in your kitchen by making the most of every nook and cranny. Scan your unit and look for opportunities to insert new pullouts or custom cabinets. 

Otherwise, investing in a modular kitchen with pre-made and easily adjustable furniture would be nifty. This would free up visible space in your kitchen, which would help you prepare food quicker and better.

ceramic open kitchenware and shelves 2021 modern condo trends

Open Shelving

Maximize all unused and awkward spaces in your kitchen with open shelves. This can span horizontally next to a free wall or vertically towards your ceiling. This can prevent scattered objects from piling up on corners, which can be obstructive or just off-putting.

modern and trend kitchen 2021 philippines

Bright and Airy

Natural lighting is good not only for energy conservation but also for your safety. If you are frequently in a hurry or exhausted, accidents in the kitchen are more inevitable. These can occur within just a moment of neglect or distraction. Ultimately, having a brighter kitchen by letting in more sunlight goes beyond beautification—it is a must!

modern interior for house and condo kitchen 2021 philippines

Dual Tones

Is your kitchen looking flat, dull, or uninspired? Seeing more than one color or texture can highlight its beauty even more. You can opt for a textured backdrop on the walls, two-toned dark cabinets with gold accents, a glossy marble combined with solid wood, and the like.

modern barista kitchen section for house and condo 2021 philippines

Smart and Functional

It is okay to spend on smart kitchen appliances and tools from time to time. Many of us utilize our kitchens daily, and preparing food is routine work. Using innovative equipment saves you time and energy. These, in turn, can be reallocated to other priorities. 

Consider getting an air fryer, multipurpose breakfast machine, or even phone-activated appliances for contactless use. If you are on a budget, you could also purchase handy tools like a fish scaler, meatball maker, and lumpia roller online. Get things done more quickly with just a few items.

With these innovative tips, you can slowly improve your condo or house kitchen space in your own time. Always be on the lookout for inspiration, and stay safe with the help of your trusted non-life insurance companies in the Philippines.